Tuesday, June 2

Batting .500, sorta, for the year

Well, I feel better having avoided my Facebook Poison Person for the day, and I'm encouraged to continue the trend.
So, my dears, it's June 2. Should we take a look at this year's EXPECTATIONs, and see how we're doing? (I think not well.)
1.) Publish the book. CHECK. (Though, ugh, really.)
2.) Start on book two. ... Um. I have no response to that.
3.) Cleanse and purge the house. CHECK. I have a pile of stuff for Mom's garage sale, or Goodwill, if need be.
4.) Make Gammage my friend again. ...*sad face*
5.) Join the gym. ... Nope. Still pudgy.
6.) Stuff for the house. ... Nope.
7.) Find Brian a better job. ... Remarkably, this is actually happening. We are truly moving forward in that respect.
8.) Better keep up with magazines. CHECK.
9.) Do better with birthdays. CHECK.
10.) Vacation. ... Nope.
At this very moment, we're super close to having taken care of half of the EXPECTATIONs at the halfway point of the year. That's better than last year, I think. I'm pleased to see that me getting a job isn't on this list, because really, that doesn't seem to be anything that's going to happen soon.
... Happy June!

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