Sunday, June 28

A new discovery that is delicious

I got (kinda) busted snacking on one of my Creamisicles this afternoon. ... And now Brian knows that they're in the freezer. ... And now I'm all worried that he's going to start eating them, too. ... And I'm scared that there won't be one in the freezer when next I go to eat one.
I have discovered that a Creamsicle frozen ice cream bar is much less expensive than my 50/50 drinks, and bonus, it tastes much better. I rolled the dice on the bars and bought them at the grocery store last week, and it's turned into one of the better decisions I've made this summer. They're only 100 calories each, and they are tasty and refreshing.
I simply can't get enough of them. I haven't finished a box yet, but that milestone is not far away, I assure you. I sometimes wonder if other flavors could possibly taste as good, but I decide that I don't want to know, because I feel like being monogamous with the orange.

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