Sunday, May 3

The family that snails together ...

I've got issues with my weekends, you guys.
We tend to not do a whole lot because we don't usually have much money to go out and play. It's a sad but undeniable truth that going out and doing things as a family is fairly expensive. So much of the free outdoor stuff isn't an option because it's getting warm out again. So when a good weekend day comes along, whether I mean it to or not, I taste the victory and savor it.
Today didn't start out as much at all. In fact, it didn't end as much, either. But when the husband and kid both remark on how quickly it feels like the day went by, I am victorious. Usually, our weekends are painfully slow. We had a fantastic morning yesterday seeing Avengers. But didn't really do anything else all day. Today, Sydney declared pajama day, though I was able to get her into a swimsuit for a while this afternoon. I made dinner and got started on a book I've had in my To-Be-Read Pile for months and months (it's good, and captured my attention, too).
As Sundays go, it was still a pretty boring one, but since everyone else enjoyed it, I guess that's all that matters.

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