Monday, May 11

Oh, to have such a fantastic reading space

I donated a whole crate full of books to my local library the other day. I had spent some time in my Book Cabinet a few days prior to that, and cleaned it out well. What I discovered is that I am embarrassed to have had trees die for most of them. And in response, I have renewed my determination to buy more books on my Nook, since they're less expensive, happily, but also much more tree friendly.
So in that line of thinking, I spent more than an hour wandering through Barnes & Noble this morning, reading first chapters, and taking pictures of book covers. It was ... delightful. While I admit to missing some of the joy of buying actual books, it was pretty liberating to know that I'd found a few things to read, without having to carry them.
[ASIDE: I discovered that the worst thing in the world I could do to myself is search "reading nook" images. There are so many incredibly beautiful reading spots in the world! People definitely know what they're doing when they create a cozy reading space. Puffy cushions, comfortable seating, books surrounding, and all kinds of ideal light make the entire idea something that I am eager to do for myself soon (soon-ish). END OF ASIDE.]
I have four pictures of book covers in my phone right now. I've got to get ready for the Summer Reading List, right?

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