Sunday, May 10

Not ideal, but still a special day

My children on Mother's Day: 
Oliver ~ Made me get up before 7 a.m. to bring him upstairs and put him on the bed. Then, demanded I take him back downstairs as I was fresh out of the shower and not even dry yet. Bitched at me constantly throughout the day for treats. Spent a bit of time on my lap on the sofa. Slept most of the day. Guilted me because he's still not allowed to go on afternoon walks. Chatted me up while I was making his dinner.
Cooper ~ Stood on my chest to look out the window to wake me up. Collected a tree's worth of little leaves in his tail hair and brought them inside before shaking them all out. Cuddled and played all day.
Sydney ~ Left me alone until I woke up. Wrote me a bizarre and weirdly philosophical poem in my handmade Mother's Day card. Brought me a Hershey's kiss in bed, and got one for herself too, "because I'm your kid." Agreed to a grocery store trip enthusiastically, much to my surprise. Spent most of her hours on the computer. Begrudgingly ate a scrambled egg because that's the only way she'd get a couple blueberry muffins for dinner. Went to bed on time and without incident because she's an awesome kid and makes me so happy to be a mom.

Brian brought me my mocha; bemoaned how sucky my Mother's Day was; pushed my cart in the grocery store; played a video game all afternoon; and made an omelet for me for my dinner.
I'll allow that my day was not at all what I would have wanted, but being loved by all my kids, and catered to by my husband made even an ugh-like Sunday a worth while Mother's Day.

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