Wednesday, May 20

Letterman ends his show tonight

Someone explain to me why I'm sitting downstairs right now, finding things to do to entertainment myself while I wait for David Letterman's final show. I don't like Letterman. I never have. For the longest time, and I've told you this, I stayed as far away from late-night talk shows as I could. I never watched any of them. Jimmy Fallon is funny to me sometimes, so I DVR his show so I can pick and choose the segments that I want to see.
But Letterman was never a draw to me. You could say that his humor was too dry, subversive, or whatever for me to appreciate, and I may agree with that. You could say that he was too edgy for me to understand. You could say all that, and I wouldn't argue with you.
So why am I sitting here waiting for Letterman's final episode? Because I'm a pop-culture junkie, and this episode is going to be a Trivial Pursuit question some day. Also, because I appreciate the end of an era, and this certainly is one. Even Brian is staying awake for this, you guys. It's a big deal, kinda. Tomorrow, I won't miss him anymore than I have over the last however many years he's been on television. But he's a legend who's leaving the arena.

Is it wrong that I'm super excited for Colbert? I'll totally watch that show.

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