Friday, May 1

It's "Age of Ultron" Eve for us

ITEM!: I did not go see the movie today. I did tell Brian that I was able to, just to freak him out. He said to me five minutes later, "Now, I'm actually kinda scared that you'll go see it today without me!" I reassured him that, more than anything, I'm too cheap to buy a ticket for a movie that I already have a ticket for. We are so excited for tomorrow morning!
ITEM!: The air conditioner in my bedroom blows so cold that I end up wearing long sleeves and a sweatshirt throughout the summer. When the fan is on, it's even colder. I'm freezing my butt right now, and I'm not enjoying it. And the thermostat is at 77 degrees, so you know it's not because I've got it cooling a whole terribly lot.
ITEM!: I broke up with Once Upon a Time today. It didn't even hurt me at all. I've had the last six episodes sitting on the DVR, and have had no desire to sit and watch them. This morning, I deleted them all, with no regrets. It's so refreshing and liberating to cut another show out of my life. I feel like I've gained an hour of life. I'll miss you, Captain Hook, most of all, but the storytelling was getting crazy.
ITEM!: It's a frustrating thing, you know, to not get something that you want. I don't know that it's not mine yet, but the waiting is killing me.

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