Tuesday, May 19

Glasses can break, you know?

Also, let's take a moment and discuss how smart I was to buy the warranty insurance on Sydney's eyeglasses. The warranty only cost $50 I think, and with it, we get unlimited replacements of her frames and/or lenses for an entire year from when we purchase the warranty. Unlimited, but still they cost $25 for each frame, and $25 for each set of lenses.
This is brilliant, right this moment, because all of three months after buying the glasses, we already are replacing the frames. My kid decided that putting her palms on the glasses and pressing them against her forehead would be a good idea. And thus, the frames snapped.
At least now she knows that she has to be more careful, and that they're somewhat delicate. And she also has to live with snapped frames for a couple days until they get new frames into the store. I've already glued them once, though they broke again tonight.
Oh, she's an awesome little baby with glasses.

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