Tuesday, May 19

Era-appropriate hairstyles are scary

I watched Austenland this morning. Keri Russell stars as a woman who loves Jane Austen, and is (kindly) obsessed with her stories and characters. Russell's character, Jane, spends her life savings to attend an Austen-themed couple weeks in England, where she is promised an authentic experience, and, of course, love. She does find love there, but ... is it the true love that she's looking for?
Anyway, it's totally adorable. I thought it would be when I first saw the trailers. I thought it would be when I recorded it to the DVR several months ago, but never got around to watching it and eventually deleted it. And I know it is now, after finally sitting my butt down and watching it. (For all my love of movies, I find that it is difficult to sit down and watch one that I don't know that I will enjoy. I'm glad I did today.)
And it occurs to me that I am a fan of a lot of Keri Russell's movies, from Waitress and this movie, to August Rush, which also is a delight that I recommend you see. Her taste in romantic comedies and dramas is totally up my alley.

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