Thursday, May 21

Can you spot the llamas?

ITEM!: I think that perhaps one of the best things the Internet has ever done is make available pictures of animals photobombing other things. Like this amazing photo, which features a gorgeous landscape, and if you look close enough, also includes two llamas looking over the hill. It's brilliant. It brings to mind that all things can be inherently funny, whether they know they are or not.
ITEM!: I picked up, and started reading, my first library books today. I'm well on my way to changing my attitude toward books, and it's super exciting. Three books were there today, and a fourth arrived later this afternoon. I'll get it tomorrow. This library thing is quickly becoming an obsession, and I love it.
ITEM!: Our summer officially begins on Saturday, and I'm both eager and anxious about it. Eager, because I'm excited for all the cool camps I've got her attending and the fun stuff I want us to do, but anxious because it's not school, and I can never keep her as engaged with stuff I want to do as she is with school activities.
ITEM!: And with summer comes the request and need for my family to have rice krispy treats in the refrigerator at all times. I'm making some for our day on Saturday, and no doubt, will need to make another batch for Sunday and Monday. It is a holiday weekend after all.

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