Friday, May 8

Bunny ears, bunny ears, bunny ears

ITEM!: This image was included in an e-mail that my father in-law sent out the other day. It amused me. I laughed because I think that bunny ears in a photo are super funny, but also because of course a bunny would give another bunny bunny ears in a picture.
ITEM!: Oliver's new magic joint medication arrived in the mail today, and we're eager to get started with it tomorrow morning. Chief among my eagerness is so he can feel better about climbing the stairs and jumping onto the bed. I hate, hate, hate that he's sleeping downstairs every night. I miss him terribly, and really can't wait for this knee issue to be better, and then to make it all better with the joint stuff. I think, since it's bit chilly tonight, that I'll bring him upstairs with me.
ITEM!: Brian started a video game tonight that Sydney is thoroughly enjoying watching him play, so that will probably be my weekend. I've started a new book though, so actually, my weekend may mean I get several hours of uninterrupted reading time, so it may not be too bad. I donated a box full of books to the local library today, and have redoubled my resolve to buy books on my Nook instead of in a bookstore. ... My problem is buying books I'm not sure I'll like, or taking a chance on a new author. Which seems like what everyone does, actually. But we need to figure out a way to sample five or six chapters of a book before buying it. More time in the bookstore reading before making a purchase, obviously, will take care of that. Hmmm. Damn it. Now I have to spend hours in Barnes & Noble, and not spend all that money on books, but buy them on my Nook, and save trees? I'll take one for the team, you guys.
ITEM!: Brian and I watched Need for Speed tonight. We watched it so you don't have to. It is not a good movie.

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