Wednesday, May 6

Bluebells = pretty; not working = ugh

So, I had a job interview a few weeks ago. It was three weeks ago this past Monday. The position was for a feature editor, and it's one for which I am supremely qualified. I met the guy, and thought that I did well in the interview. We spoke for about 45 minutes, and I thought that we had a journalistic compatibility when looking at the magazines he produced. I thought it went very well.
I sent him the clips he requested, and offered to send him some references, if he wanted, in a thank-you e-mail that night. Then, I waited. I waited until the next Wednesday, nine days after the interview, to send a follow-up note. His response was that he was still interviewing people.
I sat back, got super nervous, and waited. Nothing. I sent another e-mail this past Monday, a full three weeks after the initial interview. I haven't heard any kind of response from him.
Brian tells me to not get mad, because he could very well call any day and offer me the job. It's counter-productive to get mad about something I have no control over, and it's not like if he called, I would "punish" him by not taking the job. So, it's time to relax.
Andrea agreed with me that a second follow-up was the last communication I would send. So now, I'm just bummed. It would be super cool if someone would hire me for something that I enjoy doing, i.e., making magazines.
And yet another crisis of confidence. I am so sick of those.

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