Thursday, May 14

Beware that last ITEM! It's gross

ITEM!: And then Andrea says, "Hey, go to the library. They'll have the books you want to read, and you won't have to buy them." And now I'm obsessed with going to my local library to find out how deep the fiction section actually is, and how much book-related trouble I can get into. To my shame, while we've picked up Sydney's books at the library, it actually never occurred to me to go there for myself. I should finish my current story tomorrow, and then I have only one more book in the Nook, which I'll read over the weekend. Monday will be my library day, I think.
ITEM!: The light bulb in my nightstand lamp went out two days ago, and I don't have any replacement in the house. No biggie, except that the other light source is from the ceiling fan, and it shines down on me like a spotlight. It's bothersome.
ITEM!: Do you guys watch Vice on HBO? There was an episode last night that included a segment on how polluted India's waterways are, and it haunts me. Part of the reason why the water in the country is so polluted is that a significant portion of the population defecates outside. They like, poop everywhere. Along train tracks, in the grassy areas, just, like, everywhere. And they showed images of these people doing this, and of course, showed all the ickiness of people poop everywhere. (Toilets are very uncommon in the cities there, so raw sewage is everywhere, but even for the people that have toilets, some still go outside to poop, out of habit.) The whole thing grossed me out, and I can't unsee some of the things I saw. And I had to tell you. Ick.

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