Thursday, May 28

And then there was javelina

You know that whole mythology in Legends of the Fall about Brad Pitt's Tristan and his soul mate the grizzly bear? The connection came from their shared spilling of blood.
Javelinas, I've decided, are my spirit animal. They seem to be following me everywhere. We saw a few last year on our trips up to the lake. We saw a pack of them at the airport in Sedona last month. And today, after our hike in the mountains, we came across this little guy and his friend. And he stood there, keeping and holding eye contact with me while I took his picture And then I started to get a little nervous.
Javelinas can be aggressive (like me). They can get mad for no reason (like me). They can sprint illogically toward something that annoys them (like me). If you leave them alone, they're fine (like me).
But, unlike me, this particular guy was hanging out without his kid. Mine was standing right next to me, while this potentially aggressive and possibly angry (but also awesome) animal was staring me down. And because he's a wild animal, his actions could not be predicted.
So, as I whispered then to Sydney, "Let's back away, little kid. Be slow. Let's get moving." And we moved along. Mom was standing on the sidewalk a ways behind us. I asked her if the javelina was following us, to which she replied no. To clarify, the animal knew to not mess with me and my kid.
You see? We had a connection, through that staring. And like Tristan and the bear, we now are soul mates, kinda. Javelinas are my spirit animal.
Besides, he's looking at me all cute.

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