Wednesday, May 27

A quick fix, after a fashion

Mom broke my car today.
For the second time in the Jetta's short life, the heat on my windshield melted the glue holding the rear-view mirror, and the mirror fell. Okay, so maybe she didn't break the car herself, but it happened when the car was in her possession, so it's her fault. Anyway, we went to the VW dealership to get it fixed.
The helpful kid turned three shades of purple when I showed him the mirror, because whatever, he didn't expect to see it. Anyway, he ran to get another guy, and this guy was only slightly more helpful, in that he didn't immediately run away from the situation. We'll call him "Gary." So, Gary assesses the mirror, and that it was no longer attached to the windshield. Then, he says, "Well, ... I don't know ... if the windshield guys ... are here anymore ... (it was 4:30 p.m.)." Then he looks at me all sheepish and side-eye. "I guess ... I can take it back there ... and see if someone can glue this on?"
I don't know if he expected me to tell him that no, it was okay, I'll drive for a while without a rear-view mirror, or what, but I quickly dispelled him of that flight of fancy. I looked at him all straight in the eye, and responded in irritated mom-voice, "Yes, please."
I assumed, after 10 minutes of not seeing him return with the car, that he did indeed find someone to re-glue the mirror. I was right, because just a couple minutes after that, Gary drove the car back to the driveway. "Okay, I got someone to glue the thing on, but the glue needs 10 to 15 minutes to cure. You can either attach the mirror itself to the holder yourself, or you, you know, can wait here, and someone can do it for you. But all you have to do is click it in." And then he kind of half-heartedly handed me the mirror with a pantomime on how to affix the mirror.
Decision made, and I said to him, "I can do it; I went to college." He laughed at that, and repeated it to himself, whether for amusement or condescension, I don't know.
And of course, later tonight, I did reattach the mirror on my own. Because I'm capable.
I am woman, hear me frickin' roar with your half-assed help, Gary. But thanks for getting this thing glued on, and not charging me for it.

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