Friday, April 10

Things about today:

Thing 1: I got a job interview for Monday afternoon. That's about all I'll say about it, since I'm trying not to get too happy or excited. Someone may want me to be an editor again. Isn't that weird.
Thing 2: I've acted on Cooper's potential food allergies by picking up some limited ingredient food in both kibble and canned form. Tomorrow, I start moving the boys over to a new food type. Here's hoping it goes well. I'm sure it will, but what I mean is that I hope the change works for Cooper and his issues.
Thing 3: I've got some weird rashes on the back of my legs that appeared this afternoon. They are right behind my knees as well, and even better, are swollen. I'll slather them in Sydney's skin ointment stuff, so that should help, I hope. Because I'm super uncomfortable.
Thing 4: Brian and I made the ultimate sacrifice and took Sydney to Peter Piper Pizza for dinner tonight because of a school fundraiser. The place was packed, and there were children everywhere. Honestly, it was bedlam. And as we shared our salad, Brian looked at me and said, "I'm sorry, but this is the worst date ever." I had to agree, but it actually was nice to let Sydney blow off some steam with other kids, and for us to sit and have conversation together.
Thing 5: My afternoon was consumed by my new Summer Movie Preview issue of Entertainment Weekly. It's always such a treat to get that issue, because I can plan and map out my entire summer. I've got May through August covered now!

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