Monday, April 27

So many stars, and all from the top of LA

This is a picture of a whole lot of stars. I'm not positive, but I'll give the photo credit to Hubble, since it certainly seems like the space telescope's speed.
We visited the Griffith Observatory last weekend when we were in California. They look at stars there, you know. I hadn't been to the place since, we figured, the sixth grade or so. I remember it being a cool place, but they have obviously added some awesome and amazing displays and extras. We watched one of the shows in the planetarium, and wandered the whole place.
If you're ever looking for a straight shot of motivation to become an astronaut again, this is the place to go. So much amazing information in one fantastic place.
I love that we went there. Brian was just telling me that we've never done any "L.A. things," and I knew that to be somewhat true. So, going to the Observatory, and then eating lunch at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles was an ideal L.A. Day. And Sydney needed something great and educational to stretch her brain. It was such a happy day.

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