Tuesday, April 14

Sand is pervasive, and evil

Do you remember how I can be totally neurotic?
And how my neuroses can sometimes be forced upon my family in loving and supportive ways?
And how I fear the exponential growth of neuroses as generations continue?
Well, this is fun.
Sydney's class was given a school project today, in which they are encouraged to become engineers and inventors, and come up with a new and awesome invention. An invention of any kind, really, and it doesn't even really have to work. But the idea needs to be there, and the intent behind it needs to be practical. This is a project ripe for imagination and creativity. And for coming up with something that will make the world a better place.
Sydney's idea is for a machine that will remove sand from shoes. This is, of course, directly related to my intense hatred of sand on a playground, and how she doesn't like having to take her shoes and socks off on the patio so she can shake out the sand without getting it all over my floors. We've got a great system for this, and she's very much in the habit of doing it.
That she figures that this exercise requires some kind of machine to make it easier on her is amusing. But, when given all the problems in the world and all the creativity in her head, she would choose to focus on one of her mom's many issues is endearing, and slightly troubling. I suddenly fear that she will go through life trying to constantly figure out how to make my peeves less troubling on me.
Again, forcing my neuroses in loving and supportive ways, apparently.

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