Monday, April 13

Rashes are bad, bad, bad

So, this rash on the backs of my legs has been pretty much consuming my life. I've been so uncomfortable. My legs have been so swollen. And ugly. And red. So yucky.
I've been applying lotion, but it's only made it feel worse.
But then this morning, Brian decided to be a doctor, and found a nice, little topical steroid cream for skin irritations in his bucket of tricks. I've used it twice, this morning and tonight, and already, it's feeling less irritating, and less painful.
So, between my leg rashes, and Cooper's decision to vomit all over the house the entire weekend, it can come as no surprise to you that I've been too tired and annoyed with the universe to blog.
Other than that, we had an awesome weekend. Sydney and I saw a movie, we had yummy lunches, and most happily, we spent some time at Top Golf. I can totally see Top Golf becoming our go-to Sunday activity. It was so fun for all of us.
Every day is better though, and I'm at odds with how crappy and fantastic our last couple days were.

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