Tuesday, April 21

Puppies gotta eat, you know

So, my dogs have gone high maintenance again.
Cooper has been diagnosed with a food allergy, so he's now eating a limited ingredient diet. He's essentially gone gluten-free, which is ridiculous, but seems to be necessary to keep him healthy. Which is the point of the whole thing, of course.
Oliver has gained weight living on Cooper's new food, so he's back to his senior food, and less of it, since he's basically on a diet right now.
What does this mean? It means that there is no food sitting out all day, and I again need to feed them both breakfast and dinner mixed with a spoonful of wet food to be sure they eat it all. So, making dinner again for the littlest kids.
Obviously, because they're awesome, this is not that big a deal. And because I'm a person who can do things, this is not that big a deal. But do you remember when I could just leave a bowl of food out all the time, and my perfect dog would eat from it as he wished? Memories.

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