Thursday, April 23

Not enough rings and earrings, and bracelets

I keep trying to figure out what the big deal is about Bruce Jenner. So he's decided to follow his heart into womanhood. A whole lot of people do it all the time. I will grant that the Kardashian connection makes it slightly more newsworthy to the general populace. Still, everyone has an opinion.
My opinion? No one's opinion matters. It's stupid frustrating to find all these articles, tweets and such making all kinds of suppositions, wonderments and declarations, and no one has any information. As well as that, no one deserves information.
This guy's transformation is his own business. It pisses me off that this is news.
Of course, he's making it news by talking to everyone about it. No doubt he's looking for some kind of reality show out of the whole thing. I find that to be disgusting. Dude, Bruce Jenner, live your life on your own terms.
Having said that, and read it, and realizing that it really may not make a whole lot of sense, I will just say right now that I really want to head over to Charming Charlie soon so I can get some new fun jewelry. I pulled out some stuff for our weekend, and was kind of, a little bit, disappointed in my selection.

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