Thursday, April 9

My garden runneth over with AWESOME

You guys, there is some serious awesomeness going on in my backyard right now. No kidding, the place is going bananas! I've got FIVE apple sproutlings. My wisteria is blooming like crazy. The roses are all over the place. My gardenia has no less than 12 buds on it. And the plumeria is growing new leaves again.
The fifth apple sproutling is hidden behind the larger one on the left there in that picture. ... My wisteria smells so good, and even the one right next to my front door, that gets no direct sun ever, is blooming on steroids. ... My rose bushes have been blooming for a couple weeks already, and the pink ones smell so strong. Honestly, they're the best plant to have right next to the area where the dogs poop. ... Last year, my gardenia had one bud that blossomed and bloomed. This year, it's spread out over a lot of space, and there are far more buds on it. Apparently, it just needed a bit of time to settle in to its space. ... The plumeria is a bit more of a success story. The weather over the winter frostbit the ends of the limbs, and killed all the leaves. The ends were burnt. I was super nervous that it wouldn't come back to me, but there are two fresh growths on each side of the burnt ends, where new leaves are growing and beginning to sprout. I have my first returned leaf; it's about an inch long. But the rest of the leaves will be popping out soon, I think.
I am so happy to wander into my backyard, and I get so excited to show Brian and Sydney any new changes and growths happening. The apple trees are my personal favorite right now, though.

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