Wednesday, April 22

Let the child play; it's his yard. Jerk

And yet another dickhead with a computer tries their best to ruin life for someone else.
A father in Arizona (of course) opened up his mailbox one day a few months ago to find a letter written from one of his neighbors. The letter, unsigned, explained that as a new neighbor, this father should take some steps to right a horrible wrong in the community. Apparently, the dad's son would go out in the family backyard and ... laugh and play.
Not scream uncontrollably. Not freak out or anything.
The letter went on to point out that the child's laughter was distracting to the writer's dogs and parrot because they would focus on the child. The writer suggested that perhaps a 15 to 20-minute time frame -- per day -- was plenty of outside time for this kid, because his animals needed the quiet. The writer then threatened calling the police if this horrible behavior was not stopped.
To clarify, this child is playing in his own yard. He is laughing and giggling, not screaming and carrying on. He's enjoying his own space. He's not taunting the dogs and bird at all, just living in his own special world.
No one knows better than I that if you have a nice day in Arizona, you take advantage of it.
This letter and its writer are horrifying. To honestly threaten to call the cops on a family in their own backyard is the larger crime here. This is obnoxious behavior far beyond what a kid would do or say. What a f*cking as*hole. Honestly. Where are these people coming from? Who doesn't like the sound of a child laughing and playing? The dogs? The dogs will get used to it the more they hear it. Dude, you live in a family community; deal with it.

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