Tuesday, April 28

I. Can't. Wait. For. Saturday.

This morning, I bought our tickets to go see Avengers: Age of Ultron on Saturday. I am beyond giddy about this, and can NOT wait until this weekend.
In a new turn of events, I included a ticket for Sydney. Apparently, this summer is the summer wherein she begins attending some of the more adult movies with us. I asked her a couple times this morning if she wanted to see it, if she was sure she wanted to watch it in the theater. I explained that I'm super excited to see this movie, and that I won't tolerate any talking during the film, only one very quick bathroom break, and that she can't chicken out at any point, requesting an early departure. She agreed, and said that she'd be fine, and that she was excited to see the movie, too. My head is giving her the benefit of the doubt, but my heart is worried. I don't want to miss a single moment of this movie, and I am positive that my kid will do her best, unknowingly of course, to mess with me.
As of today, my week is nothing but a series of blurry days leading up to Saturday's matinee.
I will get a large popcorn.

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