Monday, April 6

Oh my goodness, how cute is THAT?

ITEM!: It's that glorious time of year, when all the Easter decorations go to bed, and there are no holidays to decorate for until Halloween in October. Six wonderful months of my house being my house, with no fancy stuff going on. It's so clean ... of clutter, of course. Not actually clean.
ITEM!: There are three more apple seed sprouts in our apple seed pot outside! That adds up to four awesome apple trees in training growing in my backyard, and I'm beyond excited for this to continue. Sydney and I are checking their progress regularly. It's getting warmer though, so it's about time to switch up the watering schedule in the yard, so everything stays healthy and well-watered. Long live the apple trees!
ITEM!: I sent in my resume to another editor job last night. Also I found TWO eyelashes this morning, upon which I made a couple wishes. So, I've got that going for me. Until then, I'm still living the dream of unemployment, friends.
ITEM!: And let me tell you. If you are interested in a wormhole of cute, do an image search of "sleeping bunny." You see my winner over there, but there was no lack of adorableness going on there.

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