Monday, April 13

Garden update: Yay!

APPLE SEEDLINGS: Our five apple seedlings are more than an inch tall now, and they seem to be very happy where they are. Each of them has five or six leaves on them. I'm being crazy vigilant about weeds growing in their pot, but haven't seen any yet. And should I be concerned about birds? Probably not, but this is how my paranoid brain is obsessing over these little plants.
GARDENIAS: Check out my gardenias, you guys. They are out of control! Oh my gosh, there about 12 flowers, and still another four or five buds ready to bloom. They smell so good, too!
PLUMERIA: I've got leaves on each of my new plumeria limbs, and they're growing quickly. I hope I get flowers off them this season. What I do absolutely know is that I'm going to be sure and cover that plant next winter.
RANDOM PURPLE TREE: Our tree has a plethora of purple blooms on it right now, making the bees in our area very, very happy.
All good things, and who would have thought that they would do so well in the desert.

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