Saturday, April 4

Do they still work without a disco ball?

Sydney and I are having an issue. When she wants to ride her scooter around the neighborhood, I don't have anything to do with her so I can keep up. My bike is in the backyard, thus making it inconvenient to the scooter situation, as well as then it's me going too fast. I can't run as fast as she scooters, so that's not an option. I don't know how to skateboard. And I won't have her riding around the community with no supervision.
So. Roller skates? It seems like a no-brainer solution, but I wonder about riding around in the street, and the inevitable rocks and twigs and shit that I'll run into and over. If you search, there are "outdoor" roller skates, but who knows how well they really work with "the elements." I think they would be fun, since I always thought so, and I know they'll be good on my ass and hips. My concern over the obstacles is overwhelming, once considered alongside the expense of the roller skates, which can be quite high. It would be just like me to eat it on the pavement my first day on skates, and then give up on them entirely.
But I need something that I can do to scooter around the neighborhood with her. There are actual adult-sized scooters, which would be good too, I guess. They're kinda pricey, though, as well.
Roller skates would be super cool.

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