Wednesday, April 8

Cripes, just give me the large popcorn

I don't even know where to begin with the randomness of my day today. ...
I got into an argument with the concessions girl at the movie theater because I was given a large popcorn by mistake, she took it back, dumped the large popcorn in the trash, and gave me a new medium bag of popcorn. Does that make any sense to you, at all? In a perfect world, deal with your error and let me have the large popcorn. But at the very least, pour what fits of the large popcorn into the medium bag. But don't waste an entire large bag of popcorn. That's something the devil would do.
If you find yourself in need of a paper nurse's hat, I'm your girl. I now know how to create such a thing, as I had to make one for Sydney's oral report on Florence Nightingale. She's supposed to dress as the person she's reporting on, and I did my best with her Crimean War-era outfit. She wouldn't let me put blood and bloody hand prints on her apron though, as she said that the post-surgery and war look would be "inappropriate."
Furious Seven was a super-awesome movie, and I was so giddy to have a Date Day movie worth my time. It's the beginning of summer movie season, which is my favorite of all movie seasons, and I can't wait to dig in to what is going on this year. Furious Seven rocked, but honestly, it's all about Avengers 2. I can't wait for that film.
Tomorrow is a day of replacing power cords in my home. We are very, very, very in need of a new charging cable for our phones downstairs. Also, as I discovered as I went to power up my Nook for reading, the Nook's power cord is official kaput. It's been super sketchy since Cooper chewed on it a few months ago, but up until now, it's still performed well. I'll be visiting Barnes & Noble, I guess, to see what they've got for replacement cables. I'll bring it into Target with me too, though, in case there's something there that will work.

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