Sunday, April 5

Bunnies abound, and chocolate is the best

Easter is Easter, and because of that, I let my kid eat as much, and whatever, candy she wanted out of her Easter basket all day. I didn't put the brakes on her until 7 p.m. And she motored through a chocolate bunny, two boxes of Nerds, countless Hershey kisses, and several handfuls of M&Ms. I was, honestly, super impressed with her fortitude and determination to eat as much as she could before the Freedom Candy Train pulled into the station. And bonus: no stomach ache at all, and she still ate real food, as well.
I had only one Hershey kiss, a single lemon Oreo, and a York peppermint patty as my snack today. This is woefully lacking in Easter goodness. But don't cry for me, Internet-ia. I bought, and hid, a couple of those little Baby Binks chocolate bunnies for my own personal enjoyment. I shall destroy one tomorrow, and feel good about myself for doing it.
Happy Easter, friends!

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