Tuesday, March 31

Wait. What is this that's happening?

I've never had allergies. It's kinda dumb to be proud of that, but for some reason, it was always something that I felt made me a bit more impervious to the world around me. Nothing affected me, and I was stronger than everyone who fell victim to it.
And then, there is this particular spring. All of a sudden, my nose is all running, my eyes feel heavy because they're kinda puffy, and my throat is bloated, if that's possible. All of a sudden, I'm uncomfortable with the world around me. I look around and see these beautiful yellow flowers, and think, "Ugh, they're killing me." I'm antsy in my pantsies, and I find myself super eager for the summer to come and burn this garbage away.
These palo verde trees spread their hell throughout my neighborhood. There are several along every street. And, much to my horror, there are two in my own backyard. Last year, my issue was two dogs tracking these irritating little flowers into my house. This year, my concern is farther reaching than that. How do I keep my house from being infested with this and making it worse on all of us (Brian and I)? I see a very close relationship with my Shark vacuum over the next couple weeks.

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