Tuesday, March 24

The finale is here, and it's perfect timing

I finished a book last night, The Book of Life, by Deborah Harkness. It's the third in the series. And while I enjoyed them all, I'm actually pretty excited that they're done. These books are thick. Thick in pages, sure, but in mythology and plot, as well. When I started reading them all those years ago, it was a simple love story of a witch and a vampire. At the end of this third novel, they're married; have twins that are both witch and vampire; have created a whole new vampire society; time travel regularly; and are heads of a very large and complicated extended family.
Each book rolled with more than 500 pages. Each one began right where the last one left off, with minimal catch-up for the reader. And each one was about two years separated, so it's very easy for someone with a very in-one-eye-out-the-other reading sensibility to forget a lot of the plot, characters and minutiae. So, starting this one was an exercise in memory rebuilding.
Still, it was good, I like the characters in it, and the action moves along quickly. Anyway, that leaves only three books left in the Pile. Reminder: Reading is a good thing.

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