Monday, March 16

Leprechaun treasure = chocolate, ring pops

I just finished something ridiculous that my daughter will love thoroughly, and I will have to continue and follow through for the rest of my life: a leprechaun treasure hunt. I fashioned five different clues. At every place, I put the corresponding clue's number in Hershey kisses, and at the end, is a small burlap bag all full-up of ring pops. She will find this delightful.
CLUE #1:
Today is St. Patrick’s Day,
and you’re on your way,
to finding some really neat stuff!
Where do you play your favorite game?
 CLUE #2:
Leprechauns are swell,
they also sleep well.
go to the room with the most decorative sea shells! 
CLUE #3:
Today we wear green,
as well as shamrocks between,
but go to where Santa,
puts presents that gleam.  
CLUE #4:
Pots of gold and rainbows,
some people say shows,
that leprechauns sure do exist.
But do they?
Check Mom’s bedroom!
CLUE #5:
Have a great day,
smile big and you’ll say,
St. Pat’s is truly the best!
The last stop is your space,
where you hide; it’s your place,
where you’ll find the stuff that’s the rest!

Obviously, not all this is poetry gold. But now I will have to come up with new rhyme-y, cute and different cheesy poems every year. Why did I sign up for this? I didn't. She asked for it, and of course, I follow her lead, because it's all for Sydney, and making her smile is my reason for life, really.

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