Saturday, March 7

Karma, also, is totally awesome

For a day that had the potential to be super productive, it was decidedly ... not. I was not productive at all, but for the laundry. I would have liked to have done some packing, or water the plants, or paid bills, or you know, something. Instead, we picked up the car, ate some sushi for lunch, bought some smelly hand sanitizer, and played video games all afternoon.
Obviously, tomorrow will have to be more productive.
Also, we got some super interesting news about our nemeses from our lives before, and we're silently taking joy in their implosion. We have the facts, but lack the gossip, so we're on pins and needles to find out the dirt. This new information has been the spring in our step today. And while we never really hope for someone's failure, it sure is nice to know that they're suffering a bit. They shouldn't have ruined us. Karma will come back at Y'ALL.

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