Wednesday, March 18

In which I gripe about the holidays

Easter is way too early this year. Typically and conveniently, Easter is usually in the middle or so of April. This year though, Easter is on April 3. Which is especially problematic because of my decorating neuroses. And because of my desire to decorate for any particular holiday on the first day of that holiday's month, Easter is a pain in my ass in 2015.
So, rather than take down the St. Patrick's Day stuff today and wait a couple weeks to put up Easter, I need to pull out all the Easter boxes and decor tomorrow and get it up quickly. After all, the decorations will only be up for a couple weeks before the holiday (and once a holiday passes, I'm eager to take it down and have a normal house). So, go on, ask me what's on my agenda in the morning: BUNNIES.

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Andrea said...

I think you meant Easter is on the 5th. ;)