Wednesday, March 4

I'm like, "Cascade, take me away ..."

One of the most relaxing things in the world for me is a running dishwasher.
It's soothing because of the rushing water and the repetitive splashing around. It smells good because of the detergent inside. And it's awesome because it's a machine that washes dishes so I don't have to. The dishwasher is among my favorite of all household appliances. Luckily, my family and I go through dishes quite quickly, so I end up having to run the thing about every other day. (I do not use paper plates. It's a preference thing.) Anyway, my magical machine is downstairs running right now, and it's making me happy because it's a super loud dishwasher, and I can hear it all the way up here.
Another super awesome relaxing thing for me is spending time in the backyard. It's almost the perfect time of year for my yard, because the orange tree is budding, and the blossoms should be smelling fantastic soon. I spent some time in the yard today. It started as me having a chill from the living room, and sitting out in the sunshine for a spell. Then, I smelled some orange blossom, but then some dog poop, too. I picked up the poop, but then also was distracted by the weird large weeds that grow hither and yon out there. I picked weeds, but then realized that it's actually past time to fertilize the orange tree. So, I did that, but then needed to water my cactus. Having done that, I was able to sit again, but by then, I was too warm from all my work, and needed to head inside out of the warm sunshine. Still, it was super relaxing and good for me.
Let me make this a trifecta, and hit you with one more thing that relaxes me: Oliver snoring next to me. He's a freight train tonight, you guys (thought still not loud enough to drown out my dishwasher)

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