Wednesday, March 25

I'll take the grey, please

I recently decided that I wanted a grey quilt for my bed. I saw it at Bed, Bath & Beyond, and quickly fell deeply in love. I hadn't planned on loving grey bed linens. In fact, I still really, really want pink. But the flower pattern was too much to deny.
Horrifically, the quilt was only available in twin and full/queen. I need it in a king. Checked the web site? Yes, and it's still only those two sizes. So, I wrote a letter to BB&B:
Hello!! I'm looking at the [linen's name withheld because I'm selfish], and I love it!! There are two sizes listed on your web site (twin and full/queen), but in the product description, the dimensions for a king quilt are listed. I need this quilt in a king!! Do you have them in that size? I can't find it anywhere else! I MUST HAVE IT. :) Thank you SO MUCH for any help!!
And within 12 hours (as promised), I had a response that was kinda heartbreaking:
Hello Kimberly,
Thank you for your e-mail. We were able to do some research on the quilt for you. At this time, this item has been dropped from our line and we will no longer be receiving anymore inventory for this. However, we do have some inventory at our store locations worldwide. You may visit any store location to see if they may have that item available for you, if they do not have an item available then you can see if they are able to transfer one from another store to that store so that you can have that item. We do truly apologize for any inconvenience caused.
Believe it, Bed, Bath & Beyond. I'll be checking out your store soon, and asking for an inventory search. I need that bedding.

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