Monday, March 2

I like TV, you guys. It's fun

I feel like it's time to revisit some television shows that I'm watching, and not watching.
There are only a couple more episodes of Hart of Dixie left, and I'm watching it, hook, line and sinker. I'm all in again, and enjoying it. I love the most that it's now on Friday nights, and my Fridays rock because of it.
I stopped watching The Mindy Project. I feel like a traitor to all womankind, but the show was just beginning to bug, bug, bug me. I still like Mindy Kaling a whole lot, but the life and times of Mindy Lahiri were on my last nerve.
I ended up fast forwarding through most of last night's Once Upon a Time this afternoon. It's official: I watch this show for only one character, and his name is Captain Hook. The rest of it is irritating, predictable, and getting super silly. I sped through every single scene that was a flashback, because I don't care about the other characters. I based any other viewing solely on how much each scene bugged me in its first 10 seconds. I'm thisclose to removing it from the DVR list.
I have the entire first season of True Detective on the DVR still, and I am not at all interested in watching it. I'm considering, this minute, deleting it, and not letting it bother me anymore. Wait. Wait for it ... There. Done and done. I just deleted them all. That is liberating!
We are, as a family, watching and thoroughly enjoying The Voice again. I didn't know how I would like Christina Aguilera, since I love Gwen Stefani so much, but I'm finding her to be insightful, and funny. All good things. The only thing that bugs is that we have to save the episodes until the next day so we can watch it together and forward through the commercials. I want to watch tonight, but have to wait for tomorrow to keep my family happy. Worth it?
I find that I'm getting excited about shows that are ending their runs. It gives me a real reason to stop watching them without the inevitable guilt associated with just giving up on it. I loved The Colbert Report, but I enjoy having one less half-hour show to keep up with.
And then there are the shows that I can totally take or leave. Like The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. I deleted four episodes from last week without the slightest concern about what I had or had not missed. The NBC Nightly News, as well.

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