Monday, March 30

I graduated, too, University. Respect that!

For the first time ever, we received only one alumni magazine in the mail at our home. Brian and I both went to the same university, and we've always gotten two copies of the magazine. I'll allow that it always bugged me that we received two copies when we only needed one, and neither of us even reads it, really. I appreciate the school's sudden interest in saving paper and postage. In fact, I applaud it. I was pleased to see only the one copy.
But then I read the address label. It was addressed to us as, "Mr. and Mrs. Brian G... ."
Hold on.
Brian's take: "Did you see that? It makes me feel old. We're like old people."
Me: "It makes me feel insulted."
All of a sudden, I go from being a full-fledged and full-bodied alumnus in my own right, to being someone else's "and Mrs."? What is that about? My education and diploma were just as much work; just as much cost (emotionally, psychologically, financially, and mentally); and just as much of a fight, as anyone else's. Just as much effort as Brian's. I did not go to school to become someone's "and Mrs." Not cool, school.
Being Brian's "Mrs." is a big part of my life, but I am more than that. I'm more than Sydney's mom, as well. I am, above all things, me. I worked hard at me. I expect to be acknowledged for all that work. I would expect that from my own university, as much as from anyone.
Had the magazine been addressed to "Brian and Kimberly G...," then all would be fine. That shows me that all they wanted to do was reduce magazine copies. But to relegate me and my own accomplishment to little more than being an "and Mrs.," if only on an address label, is irritating. My school should be better than that. They'll be getting a letter.

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