Sunday, March 15

Feed the basketball players

I think I'm going to not fill out a March Madness bracket this year. I have no horse in the race, metaphorically, and have no interest in which school wins, literally. It's an interesting thing, to just decide that one year you're going to ignore something that has been an active hobby for several years before. I've filled out brackets for a long time. My one claim to fame is actually predicting the four number one seeds in the Final Four in 2008. Honestly, I can only lose and lose and lose from there.
Also, I think I may have decided that I'm going to boycott the NCAA basketball tournament because of the way the players are treated, or not treated, as the case may be. Yes, my head has been turned, perhaps permanently, by John Oliver and this week's Last Week Tonight. I mean, I know how unfair the situation is, and I appreciate that the NCAA is full of creepy, greedy douches because of how they exploit the kids, but the whole thing just kind of came to a head tonight, with the story about the coach who took the player to dinner before putting him on a plane for a parent's funeral, and how the kid was penalized for accepting a freebie. This is horseshit of the grandest kind, and if the NCAA is making billions of dollars on these kids, at the least, the kids should not go hungry, or get in trouble for eating and not paying for it.
So, count me out for the big tournament this year, and our television will not be tuned to it as much as I can help it. You'll get no money from our viewer numbers, NCAA, until you start sharing that money with the players.

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