Saturday, March 14

Could I have a triple-wash on the car, please?

No joke, I'm crazy exhausted. I don't even know what made this week any more tiring than other weeks when we go out to California, but I'm just totally drained right now. I am looking forward to the delicious night's sleep in my own bed with my dogs cuddled up next to me.
It was a super productive and social week, though. I saw most everyone there was to see, and ate most everywhere there was to eat. I'm full up. I would say that I don't plan on eating anymore this weekend, but I know I'll wake up hungry, because I didn't have as big a dinner as usual.
My car is very filthy, so that's atop my list for tomorrow. Yes, I will even brave the car wash on a Sunday. I'm going to the place farther down the street though because they have the free vacuums. What else awaits me? Laundry, natch. I ran the dishwasher tonight, so that'll need to be emptied in the morning. The bread in the pantry was moldy, so that's a situation that'll need to be sorted out. I still have stuff in the trunk of the car. And I need to figure out a better place for my outside potted daisies, because Brian thinks they're getting too much sun, so they need a shadier spot. I refuse to have them indoors because of outdoor plant bugs coming inside. ... Speaking of that, I watered the apple seed pot tonight, and upon doing, all kinds of tiny black bugs scurried through the bottom of the pot when the water started to drain out. Ugh! HEEBIE JEEBIES. So, there goes that experiment. No more apple seeds inside the house. I'm thinking about putting new ones in a larger pot outside, and seeing how that works. Maybe even creating an extension to the drip system, so it'll water better and more often? That sounds like a great new project! ... Oh my goodness, you guys, I'm coming up with a brilliant idea about making that happen. Maybe that'll be the fun thing for Sydney and I to do, as well as get the car washed.
... I just ninja-slapped a crane fly that had the nerve to get too close to my computer, and when I smacked it, I found nothing but a couple legs. I have no idea where the rest of it went. That's two cases of the HEEBIE JEEBIES in  one night, and that is unacceptable. I'm grossed out. Spring must be here, all the icky bugs have come out to play.

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