Monday, March 23

Boxers or briefs? I'm a boxers girl

I don't hate doing laundry. In fact, it's something that I just do, with little to no emotion about it at all. I don't resent it; I don't mind it. I enjoy folding Sydney's clothes, actually, since it's a trip to notice how big they are all of a sudden, and to gauge how much stuff she wears regularly, and what is never worn. I keep track of the family's patterns, and likes and dislikes.
It's always been my policy though for everyone in the house to have enough underwear to last for quite a while. My panties pile is a couple weeks' worth. Sydney's is probably closer to a month's worth. Brian's boxers number about the same as mine.
Why is this relevant to tonight's blog post? Because thanks to a severe miscalculation on my part, I ended up wearing boxers today. And surprise, they were super comfortable.
Today, I wore a dress with boxers underneath it, and it was super awesome and liberating.
You know what it showed me more than anything? That I need some bike or yoga shorts to wear under my skirts and dresses, because it makes for a much better situation in regards to thigh chafing. I had no concerns about that today, not matter how warm the weather. That is a treat, my friends, and one that I'll look forward to enjoying this summer.
Boxers are fantastic.

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