Thursday, March 19

Alert! Alert! Easter is on April 5

Easter is April 5, so says my brilliant, and more calendar-adjacent, friend, Andrea. She's right, of course, as I realized when I counted up how many days there were until Easter this morning. Having realized my error, I hopped online to fix it, only to discover that Andy had already corrected me. So, the post stands as it was, because it's more fun that way. (By the way, doing an image search for "Easter Bunny" is a wormhole of adorable.)
So, in celebration of getting the Easter decorations up, I went and had my mammogram for this year. You know what's entertaining? Trying to explain to your husband what it feels like to get a mammogram. Does it hurt? Well, it's not like pain "OW!" But it is definitely uncomfortable. Because they really squeeze you, right? Yes. They really squeeze them, and they get super squished. Don't misunderstand, it's not anything that I would want to do more than once a year. That sounds like it hurts. Yes. It's painful. But I'm a tough chick, so I don't cry or anything.
I've attached a sticky note to my computer, upon which is written, "NO FOOD HERE." That kid of mine ate her pita chips at the computer this afternoon, and I had to wipe all kinds of crumbs off the keyboard before getting started online tonight. I do not appreciate this. We've discussed it several times, and she keeps saying that she'll refrain from eating at the computer, but I'm pretty sure that we both just keep forgetting. Anyway, the note will definitely help. Because notes always help.
A couple movies are coming out soon that I'm super, super excited about. Insurgent, of which I know absolutely nothing, but I really liked the first movie (Divergent), so this one should be cool, and Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, which warms my little Marvel-junkie heart. Insurgent comes out tomorrow, Avengers 2 in early May. I'm beside myself giddy, and have resorted to watching trailers of Avengers over and over. All good things.

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