Sunday, February 8

We just might become a golfing family

I'm fairly certain that learning how to swing a golf club is not the best way to handle a paining back, but I did it anyway today. Lisa and Brad texted us from the TopGolf driving range this afternoon to invite us to come play with them. We were, of course, super excited to spend some time with the family, as well as have "something fun" for Sydney to do today. (Sydney, by the way, really enjoyed swinging a golf club today, and asked that we go back there more often. I'm going to get her some lessons.)
I avoided the clubs for more than an hour because of my back, but eventually capitulated and allowed Brian to give me my "first" lesson. (He actually taught me how to swing a thousand years ago when we were in college, but I don't really count that as my first lesson.) Anyway, I did well, or so I was told, and the swinging actually helped stretch out my back more than anything. Who knows how I'll feel in the morning, but right now, I'm okay with my decision to play. The more boring act of bending over the computer right now is more of a nuisance than anything else.
But the point, more importantly, is that Sydney and I thoroughly enjoyed our time at the driving range today, and are looking forward to going back and learning more.

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