Thursday, February 12

The solar system via cross-section

This may be one of the coolest images I've ever seen. It's all nine planets (NINE!) cross-sectioned and made into a sphere. Honestly, it's super cool, and I thought you all should see it.

You remember yesterday when I was all depressed about losing the Powerball? Well, I'm here to tell you that we actually did win part of the Powerball jackpot. Brian and I were the incredibly fortunate winners of $8. EIGHT. DOLLARS. It's ridiculous, but it's better than nothing, I suppose. And it made Sydney super happy to take our winnings and put them in her piggy bank. So there's that. It's not at all what I was hoping for. I continued my day in the fog of fantasy regarding what I'd do with such money. Taking care of those near and dear would of course be first on the list, but after that ... the world is available to everything. I'm incredibly bummed to still be a non-jackpot winner. I guess I should keep buying tickets though. They're only $2. You can't win if you don't play.

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