Tuesday, February 24

I'm a princess in Uggs, too

This image reminds me of a few things.
First, that there is little in life more comfortable than a good pair of Uggs.
Second, that as a bride, I wore flats under my dress because I refused to worry about falling over, tripping, poking holes in the dress, or my balance during the day that was supposed to be the most romantic of my life. I'll never understand the girls who wear the sky-high heels, in any situation, let alone their wedding day. Comfort is key, my friends.
Third, after a couple weeks of warm weather, it has returned to regular temperatures here in the desert, and I'm sitting here composing this post in my sweatshirt and sweatpants, with the hood up. I had put the slippers away for the season, but I think I can still leave them in the closet. My socks are doing well enough for me now.
Fourth, I started a new puzzle this afternoon, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I love puzzles so much.

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