Friday, February 27

I scream and pull out my hair

And then you have one of those nights where they all just kind of piss you off.
The only thing that is getting me through the night, and is capable of not irritating me more than I am, is Oliver, who sleeps on his back up against me right now, and snores. Cooper is pretty cute, too, and he warms my heart, as well.
It started out as a pretty awesome day. I got to walk the trail, ran some errands, had tea with June. I also took care of my list at home, and put up all the St. Patrick's Day decorations.
But then, the other humans in my house came home, and my quiet sanity and serenity were gone. Quick question: how do you un-addict a child from their technology? Because I am there. Also: Brian decided that tonight would be the best night to come home sassy and dickish.
So, I've been holed up in my bedroom for the last few hours, and am eager to fall asleep and leave this evening behind me. "Calgon, take me away," right? Or is it, "Tomorrow at Tara"? Whatever it is, it had better include a decent lunch while the kid is at that birthday party.
I enjoy my family; I really do. Just a bit less right now.

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