Sunday, February 1

Haters gonna hate, but that game was super

Well, for all intents and purposes, this was a super Sunday. Everything went the way it should have: super. I was permitted to sleep in, which felt super. And then, since I'd been to the grocery store yesterday, I was able to make some super English muffins for Sydney's breakfast. I had a super breakfast shake.
We went to the mall to check out the stuff going on there, and Brian bought me a super hat that's really cute. We played with a lot of other hats for Sydney, but her little nugget wasn't big enough to fill one, so she settled for some super chocolate with her daddy from Godiva. I do not think Godica is super, so I resisted. We picked up some super hamburgers, and then came home.
Or afternoon was super. I made some cheese dip, which tasted super. Sydney was allowed to play with the computer all afternoon, which she thought was a super way to spend the day. Brian and I watched the last football game of the season, and the ending was ... super.

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