Saturday, February 21

Dark circles are NOT glamorous

I think the problem is that I'm not getting enough sleep.
I've been unhappy with the look of the skin below my eyes in pictures for a while, but a particular selfie I took today really ... opened my eyes (sorry, but the pun opportunity was too rich). I have this divot? Ditch? Pit? Valley? Below my eyes, and in this picture, it is really pronounced. It's actually pretty gross, and if there wasn't an awesome goat in the pic, as well as some Beyonce-level blowing hair, I wouldn't have used it. So I asked Mom. "What is that HOLE under my eye?"
Apparently, it's a dark circle. And there's one under the other eye too, it's just not as bad. This is unacceptable. How the hell do I fix this? Is this the kind of thing that will push me towards plastic surgery or Botox or something? Certainly, I should start with sleeping more, right? And nightly repair serum? And concealer during the day? Ugh. Though the serum is probably a super good idea, as is the sleeping.
All I can say is, I've seen it, it grossed me out, and now it must be fixed.

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