Monday, February 16

A girl day is a good day

I thoroughly enjoy my days with Sydney when it's just the two of us, and we have an adventure or two, and just hang out. We started off our day at the butterfly pavilion, and because it was kinda lame and super busy, we decided to go to the zoo, too. Sydney was blown away that I was amenable to this idea. "Really? TWO fun things in one day?" The zoo was packed, of course, due to the holiday, but we managed to see everything we wanted. Our yummy and late Sonic lunch was delicious, and the late afternoon hanging out at home was exactly what we needed.
Tomorrow, she's back at school. I'm going to miss her a ton, but I have a whole lot of stuff I want to get done. However, I haven't made a single list, so who knows what actually will get accomplished.

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