Wednesday, January 14

Reminder: buy dog food tomorrow

I've changed up the pooches' eating schedules, and so far, I think it's going okay. When Cooper was eating puppy food, I fed both him and Oliver in the morning and at night their respective foods: puppy and senior. Cooper is now considered an adult dog, so I've changed his food to the less fatty adult recipe. The conversion went smoothly, with minimal goopy poo and farts. Huzzah.
Then came the next stage of my plan: only feeding them a prepared meal once a day. Since Oliver takes glucosamine in the mornings, I chose to stick with feeding them breakfast. I increased the amount of food I'm feeding them in the morning (close to double), and then let them eat the dry food that is available all day whenever they're hungry.
I was having issues with which food to leave out all day. Should it be the adult or the senior? Well, the adult is a good number higher in calories than the senior, and since Oliver's weight is more of a concern than Cooper's, it'll be the senior that's out all day. Cooper is smaller, so his larger breakfast will be more of his daily intake of food. Oliver's 1/2 cup of breakfast won't fill him as much, I don't think, so the senior dry food is better to have as the supplemental food. Also, if given both foods to choose from, Cooper will pick the senior. So, decision made.
And the schedule change to only have prepared breakfast was rocky that first day, but since then, it's gone more smoothly. In fact, they aren't bothering me for dinner at all anymore.
Food exchange, and the shift into Cooper's adulthood was successful! Yay dogs!

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